Memberships Available for Purchase or Sublet Privately

Occasionally, BSR memberships may be purchased privately from existing members.  The procedure for purchasing a membership privately is:

1) Verify the membership is a valid membership via emailing  This step has already been completed for the below memberships.

2) Once notified by the membership committee that the membership is valid and no outstanding fees exist, complete the transaction with the selling member for whatever value you can agree upon.  The fee you are negotiating is the Initiation Fee of $600 and does NOT include the current year’s Maintenance Fee.

3) Have the selling member notify the membership committee in writing or via email of the transfer or complete the Member Transfer Form.

4) Fill out the New Member Application form and pay the current year’s Maintenance fee directly to BSR as an existing member either via the paypal/cc link or check.

5) Sublet Agreement – If subletting, both parties must sign and mail to:

Attn: BSR Membership Committee
PO Box 499 Bowie, MD 20718



The BSR committee has been notified that the following verified members wish to privately sell or possibly sublet their membership:

Greg Walters –
Lenny Merryman –
Kathy Rosario –
Raymond Fennessey –
Marie Kiley –

If you’d like to have your membership listed here, please send an email to