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Swim Lessons

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Looking forward to a great summer? Get the most of your membership by taking advantage of one of our many swim programs, including:

The BSR Barracuda Swim team offers training and practice groups for swimmers of all ages and ability levels. It is the goal of BSR to offer age specific training for all of our athletes geared towards challenging each individual and developing each individual to the best of THEIR abilities.

Please call us at 301-262-3349 or Click Here to send us an email request for more information.

BSR offers swim lessons for swimmers of all ages and ability levels. It is the goal of BSR to offer age specific training for all of our athletes which is geared towards developing and challenging each individual to the best of THEIR abilities.

Bubblers Program (formerly called “Minis”)

The Bubbler program is designed for children ages 5-8.  This program is a daily swim lesson program offering times in both the morning and most afternoons.  This multiple day approach offers parents flexibility and swimmers the opportunity to get as many days in as they need to become confident swimmers.

Our instructors evaluate swimmers to begin at the steps they feel comfortable and to work with swimmers as they progress through each new skill.  The following are example of elements of progression:

  • Able to stand in the shallow end of the pool unassisted
  • Able to get face wet and to bob up and down in the water
  • Able to enter the water, return to the side, and climb back out
  • Able to use a kick board to do the flutter kick
  • Able to float on front and back unassisted/unsupported (3-4 feet deep)
  • Able to demonstrate freestyle and backstroke (3-4 feet deep)
  • Able to tread water for 1 minute in water over their head
  • Able to demonstrate freestyle and backstroke and to try diving into 5 feet
  • Able to demonstrate dives into 5 feet
  • Able to perform all competitive style kicks
  • Able to swim each of the competitive strokes
  • ​Swimmers who are able to swim 25 meters in deep water have the opportunity to swim in meets with our competitive swim team

For the same price, parents may bring their children as many or as few times as they like from May 30th to July 15th at the following times:

  • While Prince George’s county public school is in session (from May 30th to June 12th):
    • 5:00 pm  – 6:00 pm Monday – Friday
  • ​Once school has ended (June 13th to July 15th)
    • ​8:00 am – 9:00 am Monday – Friday
    • 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm Monday – Thursday

Private Lessons

For an additional fee, BSR can also facilitate lessons for swimmers:

  • Who are over the age of 8 and are not ready or interested in joining the swim team
  • Who are adult swimmers
  • Who, regardless of age,  would prefer to have private lesions
  • Or anytime after the Bubblers program is over on July 15th

​In order to request lessons outside of bubblers, please contact us at 301-262-3349 or email us at Swimming@bsrbarracudas.com

Water Aerobics

The BSR Water Aerobics program continues to thrive under the instruction of Kim McDermott. Classes are offered to members at no additional cost and are open to all ages. Class schedules will be as follows:

  • Tuesdays and Thursdays 2 – 3 pm
  • NEW! Aqua Endurance: Kim offers a new class called Aqua Endurance which includes a more active, rigorous water routine.
    The class will be held on Mondays (6 – 7 pm) and Saturdays (12:30 – 1:30 pm)

** Please note that water aerobics classes are not held on holidays, including Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day. Classes may be subject to change due to weather, swim team meets, etc.

Life Guard Training

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Water Polo

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