Revising Your Membership

Transferring or Terminating Membership

There are occasions when members are unable to continue with their membership, such as moving away from the area, and questions arise as to what can be done with their membership. Currently there are three options available to members in this situation:

  1. You can Resign your membership
  2. You can Transfer your membership (permanent)
  3. You can Lease your membership (temporary)

Procedures for Resigning Your Membership (download Resignation form)

Per BSR’s By-Laws, a member wishing to terminate his/her membership shall notify the Club in writing using the Resignation form. Once received by the Membership Chair, the membership will be terminated, providing that there are no outstanding debts on the account. Any outstanding debt, due to non-payment of previous fees, will be requested by the club Treasurer.

Procedures for Transferring Memberships (download Transfer form)

Private transfer of your membership is presently the best avenue to re-coup something from your original investment in BSR Membership.  Suggested options are advertisement (in local papers, bulletin boards, etc.); transfer to family members, neighbors, or friends; or transfer of Membership with the sale of your home. BSR will not able to “buy-back” your Membership Fee until we are at our full membership capacity of 750 families.

Transferring Members are encouraged to recruit non-members to join the Club and find non-members to transfer their membership privileges to.  In accordance with BSR’s By-Laws, a member wishing to transfer their membership to a non-member shall notify the Club in writing via e-mail or regular mail to the Membership Chair.  You may not transfer your membership if you have outstanding debts with the Club to include the previous year’s maintenance fee.  The recruiting incentive of snack bar credits or other rewards does not apply to former members who have sold/transferred their membership.

Procedures for Leasing Memberships (download the Sublet Agreement form)

A way to try the Club out for One Year!

Current members who wish to lease their memberships for the season are requested to contact the Membership chair.  Members will be required to submit a leasing agreement, which may be downloaded (see link above), and then send the signed agreement to the Membership chair.  As interested families contact the club regarding this option, members will be contacted from the list and the lease will be initiated for the season.  This option is based on the availability of families interested in leasing, so members are encouraged to seek out families independently as well.