BSR Membership Information

BSR Dues and Fees

New Membership Information Packages are Available from the Membership Chair including a Member Handbook and all Registration Forms for the upcoming Summer.

Annual Dues must be paid by 1 May each year, in order to remain a member in good standing.  A late fee of $50 per month may be assessed for each month dues are not paid.  If you do not pay your annual dues within a year, the previous year’s dues plus the monthly late fees will have reduced the value of your original Membership Fee to essentially zero.

2018 Join and Swim Special available!!!

Special Introductory Rate, $720 to join as a family for 2018, is available for New BSR Members who purchase from the Club and pay the Annual Maintenance fee at the same time they pay their Membership fee.

Contact the BSR Membership Chair above to learn about the Introductory Rate for First Year Members.  The Join and Swim Introductory Rate applies only if you buy a Membership from the Club and not to those acquiring their membership privately from a retiring/resigning member.

BSR Annual Maintenance Fee : $540 (family) / $285 (single)

Each year, every member pays an annual maintenance fee for that summer. This fee is set each year by the Board of Directors of the Club. The annual maintenance fee should be paid by May 1st each year or else the member will incur a $50 late payment fee.

BSR Seasonal Membership Fee: $600 (family) / $300 (single)

For those members who choose not to pay the Membership Fee (a $600 one time payment) but just wish to be Seasonal Members, the payment will be $600 for a family membership and $300 for a single membership.

BSR Guest Policy

We will continue to sell guest passes each day without geographical residency restrictions, however, the Board has suggested a maximum of 10 visits per season for guests who live in the Bowie-Crofton-Davidsonville area. The daily guest pass rates are posted on the membership link on our web site. Monthly passes and Seasonal and Babysitter Passes are available for purchase with your membership dues or at the pool office. Members are responsible for their guests. You must be at least 13 years old to escort a guest into the Club.

Family Unit Definition

In accordance with our By-Laws, all persons in the Family Unit that holds the membership must “permanently and continuously reside in the member’s household.” If you have sons and daughters who are now adults and not living at your home please do not put their names on the Membership Information Request Form.

Procedures to Transition from a Family to a Single Membership

BSR’s By-Laws set a maximum number of Memberships at 750.  In 2016 the membership voted to un-restrict the numbers of family and single memberships, however members are requested to contact the Membership Chair via email if they wish to change from a one membership status to another.

Is it a “Membership Bond” or a “Membership Fee”?

 Answer: it is a one-time Membership Fee (that has some ownership value and “salvage” value)

Over the 50 year history of the Club the term “Bond” has been affixed to the membership fee made to join BSR.  In 1965 it was $375.  Today the membership fee is only $600*.  Since BSR is owned by the members, this fee entitles each member to ownership in 1/750th of the pool’s value**.  Each member has voting rights in major decisions regarding Capital Expenditures and By-Laws changes.

However, the word “Bond” is never used in the BSR By-Laws in describing the Membership Fee.  There is no physical or electronic “bond” or formal commitment to re-pay the member similar to what a corporation would issue to a “bond-holder” who loaned them money.  While the BSR By-Laws describe the method of transferring membership fees to retiring members (minus a transfer fee), the By-Laws only compel the Club to perform this accounting exchange in the case of a “transfer”.  If a member wishes to simply resign their membership and the Club is not at the maximum limit of 750 Families and has no waiting list of prospective members, the club is unable to “transfer” the membership and thus unable to refund any part of the original Membership Fee.

When a member wishes to leave the pool they may “sell” (transfer) their membership themselves to the person purchasing their home, a neighbor, or by advertising it in the local Penny Saver or Bowie Blade.  Members can transfer their memberships for whatever amount they can get from a buyer.  In recent years that has ranged from $300 – $500.  When a member conducts a private transfer of their membership, the Club will not impose an additional Transfer Fee as permitted by the By-Laws.  When the Club is involved in a transfer, a transfer fee of up to 5% of the membership fee is levied.

*While this Membership Fee has not even doubled in 50 years, not surprisingly the annual dues have increased from $45 in 1965 to $55  0 today.  The largest share of our cost increases over the years have been with the pool’s management company (lifeguards), liability insurance, utilities (water, electric, gas), landscaping, and real estate taxes.  There are certainly also a host of services offered today that were not offered back in 1965 (specifically free swim and tennis lessons, swim team, many more social events with a DJ, and lighted tennis, basketball, volleyball, and horse-shoes, etc.).

**The assessed tax value of the club is $1M, but as many of you know our 7 acres alone is likely worth more than that on the open market….fortunately we only have to pay property taxes on $1M – a hefty enough bill at over $16,000 per year.   Clearly 1/750th of BSR’s market value is more than three times the Membership Fee of $600.   While there are no plans to sell the Club, if it ever were sold, each member would receive an equal share of the proceeds after all debts and obligations are paid (in accordance with the By-Laws).